YouTube is a great platform to convey your message in form of videos. Videos maybe creative and informative for business purposes or funny, silly, for entertainment purposes. YouTube is now also becoming a prime factor as far as digital marketing is concerned. More than 50% marketers use YouTube to promote their brand awareness online. The platform is so vast that it can be accessed in 76 different languages all over the globe. On an average, more than 3 billion hours of videos are watched per month. More than  60% of people withing the age group of  18-49 prefer seeing informative videos than reading text. YouTube is also popularly known as the second best search engine after Google.

Creating Videos for YouTube:

Before you start publishing videos without any motive, you need to set your goals for the video(s). Going by the  article from Huffington post Videos seeing highest success rate are ranked on YouTube by their level of importance and effectiveness. Below mentioned are the few ideas around which you want your videos to be filmed.

  • Tutorial videos.
  • Business explanation videos.
  • Client/customer testimonial videos.
  • Product/service demo video.
  • Interviews.
  • Case studies.
  • Celebrating milestones and achievements.
  • Video blogs.
  • Live video streaming for an event

Writing a script for your video for youtube optimization

Writing your video script:

Goal: Any advertising campaign should have a goal, an outcome. It is important to establish what you wish to achieve through your videos. Goals can be related to brand awareness, entertainment, lead generation, generating sales, getting subscription to your YouTube channel, etc. Establishing a goals allows you to efficiently write your video script. You can have more than one goal for your brand but stick to one goal per video for the sake of simplicity and effectiveness.

Create a blueprint: Once the goal is in place, it is time to put on your thinking cap and decide on a story-line/blueprint. Your blueprint should look like comic scripts, sketches describing various scenes and instances which you wish to portray. Short description about the scene, the background the camera angle, dialogues, subtitles and your key message should at least be put on the blueprint.

Video length: After picking a goal and creating a blueprint, you need to decide the length of your video. Your video should not be too short to convey a broken message, nor it should be too long to drive away visitors because of boredom. Your videos should be just long enough to convey the key message for your brand. Present your video with a mixture of music, story, visuals to keep viewers hooked on to the video till the end.

If you wish to include more points which are missed out, kindly comment below. Discussions are always open 🙂



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