Undoubtedly Video marketing is one of the newest additions to your digital marketing strategy. Video marketing is a type of a online marketing strategy in which businesses create short video clips of around 2-5 minutes about specific topics using content from text sources. The videos are then shared across various social media platforms for distribution and getting online traffic.Visual content is the key to gain traffic and engagement. Statistics show that 66% of the viewers watch more than 3/4th of a video which is more than text base content.

Below mentioned are a few reasons why to incorporate video marketing in digital marketing strategy.

Easy explanation: If you are launching a new product or a service, create a video to show how it works. 95% of the people claim that they better understand the details of the product or service through videos rather than writing a lengthy article about it.
If your concept is difficult to explain, create an animated video for the same. Animation can gain attention and bring life to your content which are a perfect combination of entertainment, knowledge and simplicity.

Increase in social shares: Study shows that 60% of social media marketers started using more video content by 2016. Social media platforms encourage videos by adding new features like live videos, boomerang, slow-motion, filters, animations, 1 minute videos. People on social media however should remember that your videos can not be entirely targeted to selling your product or service entirely they should share the purpose, facts and fun videos related to their business to encourage social shares.

Boosts your SEO: Utilizing video in your content marketing will definitely improve your SEO provided the video is well optimized in terms of size and relevance. According to studies adding a video to your website increases the chances of front page results by 50 times. It also makes the visitor stay on your website longer while reducing your bounce rate.

Answer queries received on social media: You may have probably received a question or two related to your business. Recording yourself providing the answers generates strong trust and originality for your brand.

Showcase your company culture: Having a fun environment at work? Well don’t hesitate to show it off! Give the audience an insight of your office and work culture or simply introduce your staff. Giving customers such a close off information creates a level of personality you can’t create with any other method.

How to do videos: This is a brilliant idea to teach your audience something new or build knowledge they will need to understand your product/services. 

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