Social media marketing (SMM) refers to gaining online traffic to your website/business through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ etc. In simple terms, social media marketing is use of social media platforms to promote your business online. Most social media platforms have their inbuilt marketing & advertising tools for creating and monitoring advertisement campaigns, visitor interaction and engaging with visitors through comments section. Social media marketing allows individuals or businesses to interact with the like minded and establish relationships and build communities online thus creating a huge network for your business promotion.


Social media marketing and SEO are two interwoven strategies. Both by nature are organic and focus on building an appealing identity around your business. Social media websites have a good page rank thus links pointing to your website from social media sites often help in increasing your page rank as well as visibility. Below are 4 good reasons why should your business should have a social media marketing strategy:

  • Increasing the number of followers:  More number of followers on your social media profiles indirectly indicates more visitors on your websites on regular basis (assuming 10% of the total followers visit your website at least once) which have a significance impact on your website page rank. Growing number of followers is a gradual process but a rewarding one so long as you are consistent.
  • External link building: Most of the social media websites hold a good reputation in the eyes of the search engines. Thus social media profile links that have “relevant” content to your business points to your website, tends to improve your search engine rankings. More diverse external social media links you have, more authority you will gain in Google’s records.
  • Social media website are search engines too: Many people in recent times dont go to Google or Yahoo to look for their requirements. They also use social media channels and profiles to find what they are looking for. Example: if you are service provider, chances are people will look up to your biodata on LinkedIN to check your background and reputation. Hence it is necessary to have at least a few social media profiles active alongside your website.
  • Encouraging social sharing: Social sharing contributes to your brand’s authority and reputation in similar way external links to your website do. To the search engines, any external source endorsing your brand or your content has an indirect influence on your domain authority and reputation. So for instance if you can get 100 people to share your Facebook post, it is good ! if you can get 1,000 people to share your post it will be great !

Global Statistics

Social media websites are so popular among themselves it is very hard to point out which social media website is the best. All the social media sites vary by level of usage in different countries for diferent requirements. When comparing social media sites it is best to review them by their “ACTIVE” accounts usage and not the number of user acounts. These are the current social media statistics for Q1 of 2017 for the most active social media platforms.

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIN
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest


Google AdWords alternatively known as PPC (Pay-per-click) is an excellent online advertisement service launched by Google in October 2000, where advertisers pay to display a text snippet or video of their business to the web users. Google AdWords is a system partly based on cookies and partly on keywords determined by the advertisers. Advertisers with a healthy budget may set their daily budget for their advertisements and publish their ads. Google AdWords will start displaying the ads and charge the advertiser per click on their advertisements till their daily budget is exhausted. Google will then stop showing that ad for that particular day and continue displaying on the next day till the daily budget is reached.  Google AdWords advertisement campaigns are short. It consists of one head line of maximum 30 characters, two text lines of 35 characters each and a display URL of 40 characters. In simple terms one should be able to describe its business best in 30-35 characters to the visitors using appropriate keywords which are in demand for that particular business. Google AdWords also offers Image advertisement in a similar way. Google AdWords is a faster version of SEO and the rewards are quick but it comes with a price of having a healthy monthly budget. If your competitor bids higher than you on the keywords you are using then chances are his advertisement will be on top followed by yours. In order to beat the competition your bid should be higher than your competitors and thus a high budget is required.

Top 5 benefits of Google AdWords campaign:

  • Google AdWords is the best advertising tool available in the market today for lead generation campaigns.
  • It has a huge customer base from all over the world in all different fields.
  • AdWords works faster than SEO.
  • Reconnect with your website visitors through remarketing feature.
  • You can tackle your competitors better by biding more money on same type of ads.