Mentioned in this post are a few ways how B2B’s can tap into social media:

Prioritize content marketing: B2B companies take a lot of time researching, consulting and getting approvals for their marketing strategy as their prime focus is set to generate sales. Little do they know that rather than using social media to generate sales for their products, B2Bs should leverage time to share valuable content and establish themselves as subject matters experts for a given industry. The only way B2B’s can differentiate themselves on social media is through sharing links of valuable content i.e content marketing.

There is more to social media than LinkedIN: Wen we talk about promoting B2B’s the only platform that comes to mind is LinkedIN. There’s plenty of unknown potential across different social media platforms. For instance Twitter is a better platform for driving conversations. People on twitter are open to engaging more so than they are on LinkedIn. Facebook can be an extremely powerful platform as it helps us driving registration towards any special events, exhibitions, trade shows etc

Any industry events, Social media marketing tops the list : Just as B2C companies showcase or stream the launch of their products live across various social media platforms, B2B’s have a similar opportunity to participate in live conversations surrounding their current events likes conferences, trade talks/shows etc. Even attendees can share several pieces of social content using many Live mobile tools available. By making use of appropriate hashtags and keywords companies can exchange contextual information and drive meaningful conversations with like minded set of audience increasing your business reach and engagement.

Building communities supersedes reach (likes, shares, follows): Though B2B companies have modest reach to social media promotions than consumer brands, B2Bs can make a niche decision maker community where industry specific matter and questions are discussed. The reach might be small but room for one to one conversations increases and so does the brand’s impact. B2B journey has changed significantly in recent times and potential buyers are reaching out to social media for their answers hence taking a more consultative approach to social media can be a big pay off for which iDigitize is always there at your disposal. Feel free to drop us a line for Social media marketing consultation.

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