Search Engine Optimization (SEO) one of the most controversial topic in Digital Marketing.

Below are a few myths and facts about SEO one needs to know.

Myth: “SEO Can be done later”

Fact: Not trying to sell any SEO Services here but SEO Should be taken into consideration right at the start when you plan your website architecture. Your website content should be designed around your SEO Strategy so that you get the best outcome.

Myth: “You need to submit your website manually to search engines”

Fact:  Manual submission is un necessary. The reason why search engines are called “SEARCH ENGINES” is because they will find your website as long as some other website is linking to it.

Myth: “You need to resubmit your site after every editorial updates “

Fact: Once your website is submitted, it is in the directory for good, unless you change the permalink (URL) of your website.

Myth: “Meta Tags are most important when it comes to SEO”

Fact: Meta Keyword tag is completely ignored by Google, Search Engines pay very less importance to Meta titles and description as far as your website ranking is concerned.

Myth: “It is a good idea to keep my keywords invisible by having white letters on a white background”

Fact: Search engines are not dumb, “Cloaking” is listed in Google webmaster guide line’s violation. Such tricks can get your website penalized.

Myth: “I should consider another website’s page rank while linking my website to it”

Fact: ….and how would that serve your visitors? Link to a website which you think is a value to your visitors.  Don’t stress much on page rank, focus on building a informative website which can be used as a source of reference.

Myth: “Backlinks beat Content”

Fact: Sure enough backlinks do play a important role in website ranking but search engines now measure how much time a visitor spends on your site. A visitor will normally stay for a while on your site if the content is worth reading and it is exactly what the visitor is looking for hence CONTENT IS THE KING !

Myth: “Quantity of backlinks matter, more the better”

Fact: Instead of having hundreds of sub standard / Paid links it is better to have few but high quality links pointing to your website.

Myth: “Social Media is no good for SEO”

Fact: Social media does not directly improve google ranking but increases your chances on getting a niche related backlink, specially if your friends and followers are following that niche.

Myth: “Guaranteed Ranking”

Fact: Not even the best SEO company in the world can guarantee you the top spot permanently. Of course your website may be on the top spot for a while but not permanent. This guarantee will simply boost your ego and not your sales.

Myth: “One time SEO campaign”

Fact: Search engines will always reward most popular websites which are promoted on regular basis by creating and adding content, guest posting, blogging etc. Hence SEO is not a one time affair !

If you have any more myths and facts to be listed out, feel free to comment, will be highly appreciated’

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