Can I Be Found On Front Pages Of Google?

is a very common question asked by the customers. It is more than possible to be found on the first or front pages of Google or other search engines provided you know how to do it correctly which is the backbone of digital marketing.

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Organic SEO Service Provider in Mumbai

Search engine’s ever growing emphasis on quality content and accessibility has reinforced the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). Our goal is to get your website gradually on the front page in search engine results. Our SEO strategy is  ROI (return on investment) driven and applied to increase the overall visibility of your brand in search engines. The key success to SEO is quality content driving desired traffic and we experts are re-defining strategies to achieve your goals. We strictly adhere only to white hat SEO techniques. We attempt to bridge the gap between your business and potential customers in the digital space by optimizing your website to its full potential.

SEO agency in Mumbai providing SEO services
Search engine optimization (SEO) service provider, Mumbai

The Need For Search Engine Optimization

  • Studies show 90% of todays search are driven through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.
  • Although social media profiles are too an alternative, search engines however appear to be the primary choice of navigation for majority of the visitors.
  • The reason people choose search engine is because they provide “targeted traffic” – people who are looking for what you offer. If search engine can not index or find your website in their database you miss out opportunities to drive visitors to your website.
  • Search engine optimization makes you “be found” for your services you provide as opposed to you “finding people.” 
  • SEO has an exceptional ROI (Return on investment) as compared to other types of paid marketing or offline marketing which may prove to be very costly, but SEO happens over time. There are no “Valid” short cuts. There are a few “black hat” techniques for fast results which in recent times are completely ignored by search engines and websites using those techniques are heavily peanalized. As a proof here are quality guidelines for SEO laid down by Google.
  • Your website may take “at least 6-8 months” to be perfectly optimized depending on your competition but its worth the wait for your ROI. We at iDigitize are always available at your disposal as far as SEO is concerned.
Organic SEO for your business, Mumbai

SEO isn’t about designing your websites just for the search engines. It is about providing useful information to your visitors too. The longer time visitor stays on your website, the better your page rank will be. iDigitize is one of the preferred Search engine optimization service providers in Mumbai, helping your website rank higher in search engine results pages for a relevant search query.