Digital marketing is really a cool industry to be in! Being a constantly growing, evolving and changing industry it may be thrilling as well as exhilarating. In order to be a successful digital marketer you need to keep yourself up to date with the latest algorithm and other changes in online marketing industry. Hence it is very important to bookmark few websites as a reference guide to all your digital marketing doubts. Below mentioned are the 5 top websites one can use as a reference source for digital marketing.

The Moz Blog: Undoubtedly one of the most effective blog there exists in digital marketing niche. If you’re looking to stay on top of the industry news related to SEO or other digital marketing verticals, this is the blog to follow. The Moz blogs covers everything you need to know with sufficient details and are easy to understand.  Specially for Beginners to SEO, the content is quite understandable. Be it an announcement from Google or recent update in the digital marketing niche, The Moz blog has got it all!.

Neil Patel: A digital marketing wizard and a top influencer as per wall street journal. Neil Patel’s blogs and articles on digital marketing are a healthy balance of strategic and tactical advice.  His blog “Digital Marketing Made Simple: A step by step guide” serves as a perfect tutorial for people who are about to enter the digital marketing world. We at iDigitize during our initial business stage as a digital marketing service provider, referred to his blog “SEO made simple : Step by step guide” as a reliable information source which is indeed an eye opener. We at iDigitize still use Neil Patel’s blog as a reference tutorial for our new interns/employees.

Marketing Land: Marketing land provides a lot of quality content on various topics in the marketing/advertising industry. Right form updates in content management systems, to new features on social media platforms, their posts are bang on, to the point and relevant.

Convince and convert: This website offers a variety of resources including, blog, podcasts, books and ebooks. They are a one stop solution to learn more about digital advertising. Each article written are short and crisp which are very easy to understand specially for new comers in digital marketing world. Their articles help you to look at your own content in a new way and make you think out of the box for new ideas which you can then incorporate in your digital marketing strategy.

Mashable: A reliable reference source offering infinite ways to consume its real time digital content be it text, video-graphics, info-graphic or just a regular graphic form. They give you a larger picture of what’s latest in the world of digital marketing.  If you are looking only for regular updates on social media or any tech related subject, you can subscribe to their channels via RSS or social networks.

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