Is your social media marketing strategy not meeting targets?

According to the latest statistics, 47% of people are irritated by their news feed bombarded with recycled and repetitive  posts time and over again and 20% of the people have learnt to ignore social media advertisements and the remaining 33% follow only one brand. So before you jump over to your next social media marketing strategy, take the time out to read this article, hope it helps.

BE UNIQUE / AUTHENTIC / ORIGINAL: Brands need to strive for their authenticity. Consumer engagements have clearly opened their doors to original, fresh advertisements worth reading , providing exactly what they are looking for and have slammed the doors on scrapped (copied) , repetitive advertisements irrelevant to their interest. From social media point of view the viewers are most interested in staying connected and entertained with something new & amusing every time. Brands which are “liked” and “followed” by thousands of followers have earned it on their own merit by providing value to their viewers.

Hint: If your advertisements only point out to selling your product/services (like most of them do), you are sure to fail.

BE SPECIFIC: Not all social media profiles have the same vibe.. Some are mainly used for entertainment, some are used only for business. Not all interactions on social media platforms are alike. Viewers may look at one platform of their network for news, entertainment, information and to another for inspiration, business insights or technical knowledge. Create advertisements keeping the social media platform you are posting on in mind.
BE AVAILABLE: After publishing your advertisements be sure you monitor them on regular basis and give utmost attention to viewer engagements like comments, reviews etc and respond on time. Brands can accomplish credibility by making themselves more accessible to the viewers. By responding in a friendly and personal way to viewers, brands can induce viewers to take the initiative in building a stronger relationship and trust with them.
COMBINE ORGANIC WITH PAID/SPONSORED ADS: Invest in “Sponsored Promotions.” Have a habit of combining organic ads with paid promotions. You can create “targeted” ad campaigns according to the location or interest. Such targeted ads will help more and more people to be familiar with your brand. Social media paid campaigns are a cheap way of attracting people towards your brand. 

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