Online Marketing Case Study #1: Zomato

Founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, It currently operates in 22 countries, including India, Australia and North America. It features restaurant information such as scanned menus and photos sourced by Local Street teams, as well as user reviews and ratings. The company also provides cashless payment, online ordering, white-label apps, table reservation, and point-of-sale systems as a part of online marketing move. Zomato in a nutshell is a restaurant search directory.

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#One #does #not #use #hashtags #like #this #on #instagram #or #on #any #other #social #media

Billions of people on Instagram post every day to stand out from the rest. Most of them have many followers whilst others are still struggling.They probably lack in strategy and knowledge required to keep an Instagram account great! The successful ones research and put their keywords and hashtags to proper use by using few and wise while the rest bombard their posts with abundant and lesser relevant hashtags. In this article we shall be covering topics on how to come up with few and effective hashtags to become an Instagram prodigy.

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Using Google Trends for creating a blog post

Google Trends is an indicator for how many people are looking for a specific term over a period of time. It gives you an overview about the topics the world is searching for. The trends can be further sorted depending upon their geographic location, categories, time span etc and it also allows you to compare between your searches. Google trends platform is quite easy and user friendly. 

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Getting your social media advertisement campaigns right.

According to the latest statistics, 47% of people are irritated by their news feed bombarded with recycled and repetitive  posts time and over again and 20% of the people have learnt to ignore social media advertisements and the remaining 33% follow only one brand. So before you jump over to your next social media marketing strategy, take the time out to read this article, hope it helps.

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