Have your own marketing team? Call us for complete digital marketing consultancy & training.


There are no secrets or short-cuts to digital marketing. It is a skill to be learned which is little complex but more of creativity and common sense. If your company already has an established marketing team then why outsource your SEO and other digital marketing campaigns ? when you can do it yourselves !!┬áSimply call us over for complete digital marekting consultancy. We learn everything we can about your business and your competition. Once we understand your business objectives we sit with your marketing team, list down recommendations and then guide them through an entire digital marketing training programme over a week’s time including real time case studies, live good and bad SEO examples, interactive sessions and practical elements. We also teach how to effectively use all SEO related tools and analytics, Social media campaigns, article submissions, blogging and much more. We train your marketing team which will help your business implement marketing strategies that is uniquely fit for your business promotion. We practically cover all the core aspects of digital marketing listed below:

How do Search Engines work?


Content and On-page SEO

Off page SEO & link building

Google AdWords & Social Media