By now you must have probably heard the hype – Digital marketing skills are in serious demand. Businesses are putting more focus on their digital marketing strategy than ever before. Now is best time to be a part of this fast growing industry. Bigger budgets, increased pay and more career options are some of the main benefits of digital marketing. Digital marketing is a career that has plenty of doors open for creative and business people. There are so many verticals you can master in. Digital marketing is one field that is ever-changing and engaging. Mentioned below are few ideas why you should consider digital marketing as a career:

Ever expanding industry: There’s is always something new and interesting to learn in the field of digital marketing. According to studies digital media spend in India is expected to grow at the rate of 40% and cross INR 10,000Cr by end of 2018. Main factors contributing to this ever growing industry are smart phones and low data(internet) prices.

Boosts your creativity: Digital marketing is all about imagination, writing content, creating graphics/videos, simple marketing analytics and thinking out of the box. Online marketing agencies are hunting people who can think out of the box and are little mad with creativity. “The job profile is too boring” said no digital marketing professional ever!

Casual and friendly work environment: Let go your office formals and buy some smart casuals, you may need it throughout your digital marketing career. It is a great industry for making friends and having fun at work. Many digital marketing companies enjoy frequent BBQ nights, in-office events and continious celebrations through out the year. It is the only field which encourages to WORK SMART as opposed to WORKING HARD.

No specific educational background: One does not need any special degree to become a digital marketing professional. All you need is passion, creativity, writing skills and hunger to learn and keep yourself updated with latest digital marketing trends.

You will always be in demand: Irrespective of the field you are into, marketing will always stand above the rest. Marketing online and driving sales are the only functions within a business that provide measureable return on investment. Good digital marketers who are capable of conducting high quality campaigns help build brands from scratch. Because of sudden diffusion of smartphones, 80% of Indian marketers believe that digital marketing campaigns like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Lead generation etc can result in significant increase in conversion rates. Even today the concept of digital marketing is less known inspite of its results and there are even lesser digital marketing professionals out there in the market, but remember, it is the scarcity that has created this HIGH DEMAND FOR DIGITAL MARKETING.

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