The ongoing digital marketingĀ trend by enlarge based on SEO, social media marketing and PPC is about to see a massive phase shift. We believe that there are new digital marketing trends which are set to evolve in early 2019 and its highly recommended that businesses learn these new technologies and incorporate them in their branding strategy. Here are top 5 digital marketing strategies which we believe is going to change the world of online marketing by early 2019:

Augmented Reality: It uses modern digital technology to overlay information in video, text or image format onto everyday objects in real world. Brands like Ikea are already using Augmented Reality at a different level. Their clients can easily preview a certain furniture and how it is going to fit in their home and when happy with the outcome they can then purchase the furniture.

Artificial Intelligence: It is supposed to be the next breakthrough in the digital space. Artificial intelligence can analyze customer behaviour, search patterns and can understand what a particular person is looking for. Artificial intelligence can also offer information tips to users by getting into conversations via chat-bots. Businesses who plan to invest in AI by 2019 shall save cost and accellerate their growth.

Chatbots: They make use of artificial intelligence technology to chat in real time with customers. Majority of businesses are already using chatbots or the plan to do so very soon. Customers like interacting with chatbots as they are prompt, accurately recall your history, and never lose patience. Chatbots offer perfect customer service andĀ  meet customer’s expectations efficiently.

Video Marketing: Live videos are getting popular than never before. Many businesses are using videos for promoting their products or services, behind the scenes etc on platform like youtube or sharing across social media platforms as stories. With increasingly high quality of smartphone cameras, marketers are heading for video messages than phone calls or emails. YouTube videos often appear for many search queries on search engine results pages hence incorporating video optimization on youtube alongside your website SEO can get massive traffic to your website.

Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing focuses on using leaders in your business niche to convey your brand’s message to a sophisticated audience. Rather than being a part of many groups on social media you can just pay the influencer to spread the word for you. Influencers can be anybody right from filmstars, leaders in your business niche, well known journalists, famous bloggers who can spread the word out for your business on their social media handles making influencer marketing more important than ever in the social media world.

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