PHP is a open source general purpose programming language primarily being used for developing websites. PHP is a versatile scripting language that can offer E commerce websites with a robust and scalable tool for online business. PHP was an acronym for “personal home page” when it was first designed in 1994 to monitor online resume of his creator, Rasmus Lerdorf. Later the name was changed to Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP). PHP is a server side scripting language that is embedded in html enhancing static web pages with state of the art functionality which makes it an ideal tool for developing websites.

Open Source Language: Unlike other scripting languages, PHP language is free. There are also directories available online where several chunks of PHP codes for developing website are stored. Because it is an open source platform it entitles free updates, customization and code modifications from PHP developers on available online PHP forums.

Offering extensive database support: Even though PHP is open source and free, it does not allow to compromise the capabilities of data bases. PHP is completely compatible with MySQL, MariaDB, IBM D2 etc. Many websites existing today use a combination of PHP and MySQL database which drives a powerful performance. Most important factor is that PHP facilitates secure data storage and timely data upgradation maintaining high compatibility with these databases

CMS Compatible: Open source content management systems and website builders like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal use PHP which powers their templates and plugins smoothly and securely. How ever these CMS rely on PHP at a very basic level hence it can keep your basic business websites highly customizable in terms of functions, data collection and UX (user experience).  The right choice of CMS can also offer you an additional SEO compatibility, pleasant user interface and data integrity to your website.

E Commerce friendly frame work: CakePHP, Larvel, Codeigniter, Phalcon and PHPixie are few of the existing frameworks providing multiple tools and modules. Frameworks are ideal for big e commerce websites as they allow you to recycle the codes. They come with built in functions for handling calendars, connecting to a database, working on emails and debugging. The flexibility and speed of PHP powered frameworks makes it the best solution for developing E commerce websites.

It’s Faster!: Loading speed is one of the highlights of using PHP scripting and by introduction of PHP7, fast loading speed it has become its trademark. Studies show that website running on PHP7 loads twice as fast than one running on PHP 5.6,…….clearly revolutionary! Same study also shows that new version offers up to 30% less memory consumption thus reducing the website loading speed to a great extent.

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