“Content writing simplified”

Need to publish content for your brand’s website, email-marketing, blogs, article submission, SEO….??? You’re in for a treat today !!!. Today’s topic will be all about the need to write meaningful content.

Did you know??? 40% of companies/businesses use blogs or articles for marketing purposes and more than 65% of people read blogs on a regular basis..

Regardless of the industry you are into…be it IT services, bakery, lawyer, small business owner etc writing content should be your forte to get more traffic and engagement which may convert into sales. Just as you can go on speaking for hours about your profession when you catch up with few friends over drinks on a Friday night, similarly you should have the skill to write rich, detailed content which accurately speaks for your brand. Of course we all are familiar with the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” BUT !!! when it comes to Digital Marketing, sorry to disappoint you but, CONTENT IS THE KING !!!! 

Moving on…….consider and give utmost attention to the facts mentioned below as why writing a rich and accurate content is triumphant.

content marketing strategy

Structured Content: A good content structure = great user experience. A structured content means well planned simple content which makes sense to the readers. Your content should be structured as follows:

  • Write the key information about your brand first.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with creativity.
  • Use simple, familiar words.
  • Use short paragraphs (Approx 7-10 lines)
  • If your content is lengthy, use bullet points.
  • Use headers (H1, H2……) to highlight headlines before starting a paragraph.
  • Avoid using unnecessary words.
  • Avoid needless repetition.
  • Make it easy for people to find you.
  • Write original content.
  • Be clear and to the point.

Customer Attraction: The first stage of digital marketing is to attract visitors by providing them accurate information to what they are looking for. At this stage your goal is to simply convert visitors to your customers. Content creation accomplishes all of this. If you are writing on relevant topics that the visitors are looking for, provide them with necessary information that they need by using proper keywords and if those pages are optimized for that search, you will start to rank higher in SERPS (Search engine results pages) for a relevant search query and generate more visitors to your website.

Call To Action (CTA): This stage involves leading the visitors to a suitable landing page after they have found a gist of what they are looking for in your article/blog. The best way to promote an article or a blog is to add a call to action button or a clickable link at the bottom of the article/blog which encourages the visitor to click on it and visit your website compelling them to fill a form or get in touch with you for your services.

Brand awareness (Promoting and Sharing): You  don’t just simply come up with some content and leave it idle on your website in hope for some clicks. YOU SHARE THEM !! Social Media profiles are the best platform to promote your content to your followers. If the content is good and the visitors get information for what they are looking for, it will encourage them to share the post as a good source of reference elsewhere. This way your content begins to go viral online also having more inbound links to your website which improves your website authority in search engine directories. As your content is shared, your brand name and website are also shared along gaining even more credibility and your visitors may convert into your clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Your content is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor when it comes to optimizing your website. Many people/brands fail to realize how effective is an frequently updated website/blog for SEO. There is no better way to add content to your website than having:

  • Blog within your website
  • External blog with “do-follow” links pointing to your website.

Well written informative content not only induces the potential customers to visit your website but also increases page count of your website. For instance if you write 3 blogs per week, “indirectly” 3 new pages are added to your website. If you master the art of content writing along with appropriate keywords and links to and fro your website, will earn you more traffic searching for relevant keywords which helps in SEO.

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