Since everyone in this digital era are in a race to get their website over the top, while doing so they make simple yet crucial mistakes which can cost their SEO. Search engines help you to get new visitors to your website content but it happens over time. There are no short-cuts to SEO. So patiently give the search engines what they want, carefully go through their guidelines, rules and regulations, and over the period of time, you will be rewarded. Mentioned in this article are most common mistakes that people make while doing their website SEO. Starting from the top:


 Website URL extension: Different pages of your website are designed for different services/products and you efficiently create individual and unique content for each of them, but what about the URL?? Example if i own a E-commerce website and one of its pages is devoted to selling shoes online in India. The page has good content explaining sale of shoes in India but the Url is OR The appropriate URL in this case should be Your URL should be short and should best describe the content of your page in 3-5 words. As far as possible avoid stop words like “in, the, and, a.. etc” in your URL
Over stuffing the Meta “Keywords” tag while under-looking Meta Title & Description Tag : As far as Google is concerned, Meta keywords tags are completely ignored and has absolutely no importance while determining the SEO of a particular page. What is important is the under looked title and description tags. Your title and description tags are what people read when they find you in search engine results pages. They are your brand’s first impression. If you pay less attention to your title and description tags by not optimizing it correctly, you are sure to drive away traffic from your website. In short, you should describe your business along with important keywords in the best possible way within the given character limit.
Meta title and description for SEO
Too little content: Google appreciates sufficiently long content (at least 500-1000 words per page approximately) because it gives visitors a detailed information to find out what they are looking for. Thus  they stay on your website longer, hence  reduced bounce rate and more your website gains credibility and that is exactly what Google is looking for. Use your keywords smartly in your content and provide sufficient information what the user is looking for and you will be rewarded.
Grammar and other content errors : After you draft your content, make sure you run a grammar and a spell check so that your efforts of writing content are preserved and not wasted. They do not directly hurt your SEO but you lose credibility and bounce rate from your website increases as the content is not worth reading. Find out more details for writing proper Content.
Using long paragraphs: Should your website have a lot of content, make sure it is easy to read, use different paragraphs, bullet points, use blockquote to highlight important text etc. make it presentable. Retain the attention of the readers through out the article by making it simple and easy to understand and read.
No outbound linking: SEO study proves that pages with outbound links (links pointing to some other reference source from your website) generally do better in search engine results. If your content is all about you and it does not point out to other related content, the visitors certainly will not look upon you as a good source of reference as they are always hungry for more and more information. If links from your page may lead them to some other trusted and related page where they find their answers, indirectly your website will also benefit as being the point of reference.
No images only text : People like to view websites online and not news papers or a MS Word document ! Put some life into it !! You drive the visitors away if your website does not have any images/graphics and  your bounce rate will increase and therefore Google will not favor your website over your competitors.  Use images responsibly. Similarly a website with only images and no content will also  drive visitors away. Hence get your text -to -image ratio correct. Image alt tag is another wonderful place to nest your important keyword phrases.
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