Uber technologies by enlarge is a peer to peer ride sharing, taxi service, food delivery and transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco. Its is accessible via website and mobile app. The name “Uber” is reference to the common word uber meaning outstanding or supreme. Uber uses digital marketing platform to its full potential starting off with SEO, Facebook paid ads and a mobile app which is available for downloading free of charge across all smart phones. Rides can also be booked via Uber website. On booking the riders get quoted with a price that they should pay before the ride. Uber uses the dynamic pricing model  i.e prices vary based on projected time and distance as well as the day and supply and demand for the rides at the time when a ride is requested.

The website:  Uber India has a minimalist yet responsive website developed. The landing page contains a  heading text which makes the first impression short, crisp and  powerful  to the viewers.  It has a smart registration form on its landing page for capturing potential leads.  As you scroll down, wisely written snippets with advantages of using Uber are mentioned in few words with a call to action button. They also advertise their apps and quotes with quality images with wisely used call to action buttons which makes their website viewer friendly by conveying sufficient information needed for one to sign up. The call to action buttons help the users to access different pages of website from the home page with minimum clicks.

SEO: Most of the keywords used by Uber are brand related keywords. Uber has a very high level of brand awareness so anyone searching for their brand is a potential customer. Uber India has a very catchy title text which targets 3 aspects using just 8 words:

  • The potential taxi users to use their services.
  • Earn money and discount  by referring to others.
  • Make money as a taxi driver.

Their title text reads “Get A Ride Near You – Earn Money While Driving | Uber”

Their meta description tag also conveys a similar message which reads “Get a ride in minutes, or become a driver partner and earn money on your schedule. Uber is finding you better ways to move work and succeed”

Their pages contain a healthy amount of content (approx. 800 words )with right amount of keywords nested within the content smartly which does not appear spammy and not a single image across the website is missing an “alt attribute”. This shows that Uber is paying utmost attention to its on-page SEO strategy.

As far as off-page SEO is concerned, they have a major link building activity going on. Their external backlinks amount to a whooping 5,458,76 external backlinks and counting.

Uber Online marketing case study Backlinks

Their online page structure is as follows: Total of 125 links found. 19% of the links are external and are sending authority to other websites. 0% of links are no-follow meaning all links are available for crawling and and authority is not passed on to the destination pages. There is not a single broken link across the website.

Their total website is around 9MB with a loading speed of 7.3 seconds with no java scripts found what so ever on the page. Uber has an excellent amount of backing from social media with over 9,37,332 Twitter followers and 21,369,454 Facebook followers.

The above analysis proves that SEO is the backbone for driving Uber’s prolonged traffic to their website and they take their SEO very seriously.

Facebook Ads:  Uber uses paid ads on Facebook to communicate to potential customers within the cities it targets.  They make use of Facebook to:

  • Advertise promotions, offers to users in the city
  • Advertise to its existing users and get them to refer a friend for a free ride which is the part of the “Growth Hacking Strategy”
  • Target the friends of its users
  • Get new users that have not used their app till date.
  • Reactivate users who have not used their app since a while.
  • Re-target those users who start the sign up process but do not complete.

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