What is bounce rate?

Ever heard from your digital marketing consultant talking about your “bounce rate” while evaluating your SEO strategy? Bounce rate is a reliable tool to measure how effective your website and its marketing strategies are. According to Google bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who have evaded from your landing page within seconds without navigating across different pages on your website.  A high bounce rate usually denotes that the landing page and its content are not relevant to the visitors who visited your page, which also means that your content is not good enough or you are targeting the wrong type of people with your online marketing strategy. So if a person who lands on your landing page and hits the back button immediately within seconds then that visit is counted under the bounce rate.

What’s the ideal bounce rate?

Every website in every different industry have different bounce rate zones. There is no fixed single metric to be considered as an optimal benchmark. It is advisable that businesses compare websites “within their niche” to get the best average bounce rate range. Most websites see the bounce rates fall in between 25% – 70% approximately. As a rule of thumb bounce rate approximately between 20%-40% is considered to be excellent. 40%-50% considered as average and above 50% is considered to be below average and the content and other marketing strategies need to be worked upon. Anything over 70% is a disaster.

What is the ideal bounce rate for me?

Rather than trying to keep up with the rule of thumb metrics (which is to be used as a reference source only) Set a baseline for your website and work to improve it in relevant areas like blog, news section etc. To set a proper baseline consider the intent of the user who will be visiting your website and draft an appropriate content writing strategy to serve the purpose.

Give your visitors what they want and they will scan through your website thereby reducing your bounce rate and increasing your website credibility. For a product based niche like an online apparel store, visitors will ideally shop around for a bit and spend more time on the website and hence naturally their bounce rate will be less. For a service base niche, give your visitors a value read otherwise they will evade from your website no sooner they land on it. You will always be best served by targeting appropriate keywords for which you want to be ranked for and provide a quality content using those keywords. The search engines will then divert the right kind of traffic to your website and its more likely those users will spend more time on your website improving your bounce rate and also driving sales and necessary conversions.

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