The Need For Article Submission

Out of all the on page as well as off page SEO strategies, writing and submitting SEO friendly articles can be one of the most successful strategy. Article submissions generally refer to writing of articles related to your business. The sole motive of submitting articles is to gain online credibility and visitors to your website thus obtaining quality back links to your website which may improve your Search engine ranking. Articles are then submitted to article submission websites where they are stored. Article submissions does increase your page rank and domain authority by increasing the number of quality back links to your website. Mastering the art of article writing does take some time and effort. Mentioned below are few guidelines to write a keyword rich SEO friendly article for your business.

  • Research for keywords before writing your article.
  • Sort out the best keywords fit for your article.
  • Write unique original content.
  • Avoid too short or too lengthy paragraphs.
  • Have a habit of using your prime keywords in Headers and Anchor text.
  • Keep in mind the keyword density (Ratio of using number of keywords per 100 words approx)
  • Make your article keyword rich and not keyword stuffed.
  • Give a unique title to your article including your strongest keyword phrase.
  • Maintain article length of 500-1000 words at least.
  • It is always a good practice to use paragraphs, bullet points to make it presentable and easy to read.
  • Include Image(s) in your articles.
  • Use your prime keyword and other related keywords wisely across your article in a natural sounding way.
  • Avoid selling your business/service/products in your article. Your article should be your own views on your services/products
  • Do not write articles to trick the article submission directories for link building.
  • Do not repeat the same article over and over again on different article submission websites.
  • Do not copy-paste your blog content as an article.
  • Make use of simple English language. Pay attention to grammar and spellings
  • Avoid unnecessary repetition of words just to fill the character limit.
  • Share your articles not only on article submission websites but also on social media and other social sharing platforms.
  • Make your article easy to share. If Google can see your articles being shared on different websites, your content will rank better.

Article submission is indeed a great way to get inbound links from like minded websites. However it is extremely time consuming unless you outsource it or you devote at least 2-3 hours every week to come up with a perfect SEO friendly article

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